The Vital Checklist: Must-Have Criteria for Selecting Your IoT Partner

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Ensuring Success with Smart Lock Integration: Selecting the Optimal Software partner for Mission-Critical Hospitality IoT

Are you a hospitality professional aiming to elevate your business to new heights? If so, incorporating smart locks and other smart devices into your operations is a game-changer. By automating on-site processes and digitizing the guest journey, you’ll soon discover that these innovations are a “must-have” in today’s fast-paced industry.

While investing in smart technology holds tremendous potential for improving efficiency and boosting financial returns, it’s crucial to navigate the associated risks with care and control. When your guests’ access hinges on devices rather than human interaction, these systems become mission-critical to your success. Therefore, the decision to choose the right partner to manage and oversee these devices cannot be underestimated; it’s a pivotal choice that warrants careful consideration.

Expertise and Industry Experience:

Explore the partner’s background and ensure they possess the necessary expertise and experience in the IoT industry. This means the partner understands hardware and software. The partner must have the ability to guide you in selecting the right hardware and have the embedded software expertise, and remember this is much different than providing a software portal or website. Embedded software is the ability to design software that interacts with the hardware and is dependent of the quality of response from it.


Lynx specializes in providing IoT solutions tailored to the hospitality industry including short-term rentals and service apartments. When selecting an IoT partner, seek those who have a proven track record of implementing successful IoT solutions within your industry niche, as they will possess valuable insights and domain-specific knowledge to address your unique requirements effectively. This synergy between your services and the partner’s industry experience can significantly enhance the success of your IoT implementation, leading to improved efficiency, optimized operations, and better outcomes for your business.


Scalability and Flexibility:

Consider the partner’s ability to scale their solutions to meet your organization’s current and future needs. Evaluate whether their IoT platform and services can accommodate growth, integrate with existing systems, and adapt to evolving technologies.

Look for partners that can seamlessly integrate with your existing smart devices and systems. The right partner will have backward compatibility with older technologies like Bluetooth, RFID, and Algorithm. Partner will also have compatibility with today’s technologies but is also ready for the future, this would include Zwave, Zigbee, Direct WiFi, and Meta

At Lynx, we already provide 400 smart device integrations, the largest in the industry today. 


Core business: Ditch Middleware for Direct Integration

If your partner’s core business is not Smart device automation but merely an add-on, they are using Middleware to offer this solution to you. However, this comes at the cost of slower response times, limited support, and reduced visibility into device troubleshooting. Your partner can only see a blinking red light from the middleware service, leaving them blind to the actual devices and their specific issues. Additionally, if the middleware experiences downtime, your partner becomes helpless, waiting for the middleware company to resolve its problems, potentially causing significant delays.

1400+ Smart Devices

Choose an automation partner that prioritizes dedicated integrations for each brand and model of hardware they support. This approach ensures reliable solutions, enhanced functionality, and continuous innovation as your smart devices evolve. Maintaining close relationships with manufacturers also enables your partner to seek additional support or troubleshooting directly, providing a higher level of assistance when needed. By avoiding middleware, you prevent the nightmare scenario of being left without support and forced to rely on internet searches or instruction manuals for answers.


Reliability and Support:

Imagine a world where everything operates flawlessly, without any interruptions, every single day of the year. Sadly, that ideal scenario is far from reality, especially when it comes to scaling operations. Inevitably, challenges and issues arise, and it’s during those critical moments that the ability to connect with an experienced and dedicated customer support representative can make all the difference. This can be the deciding factor between ensuring a smooth and satisfactory guest experience or facing the consequences of a negative one-star review.
Look for partners that offer reliable and stable IoT solutions, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, assess their customer support services, including responsiveness, availability, and the ability to provide timely assistance in case of technical issues or emergencies. You want the partner to have expertise in hardware setup and troubleshooting and not just the software. Additionally, you will need phone and video support during installation. Ensure you have a partner that has expertise in all aspects of the implementation.


At Lynx, we take pride in our dedicated support team, available seven days a week. With our in-house team and the provision of a dedicated customer success manager for each customer, we have built a reputation for excellent support. Our customers frequently praise our ability to resolve complex issues with ease, further highlighting our commitment to delivering exceptional service.


With Lynx as your IoT partner, you can expect customized solutions, scalability, direct integration, robust security measures, and exceptional support to elevate your guest experiences and drive business growth.

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