Unlocking Convenience, Redefining Hospitality – Lynx Contactless Check-in with Offline Mode: Your Key to Seamless Experiences!

Time-Sensitive Keyless Access

Automated time-sensitive access for guests, staff and concierge services delivery for multiple access points. Control the doors remotely.

Audit Trail

Notification for everytime the door is accessed. Know when guests checked-in, when cleaners completed tasks. The real-time heartbeat of your operations.


Boost Occupancy

Short-term Rentals

Stay Extension Automation generates 11% direct bookings in a high-season for our customers today. Also, offer early check-in/out. Auto-updates access validity without changing the access code or the digital key.

Long-term Rentals

Include a unique link in your MLS listing and your website for Self-Showings. Leads transferred to the leasing manager in real-time. Identity verification available.