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Seamless Security, Limitless Scalability:
I Love Vacations Thrives with Lynx!

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I Love Vacations has been in business for 24 years and manages about 700 properties in the western half of the United States. We’re in five locations everywhere: Whitefish, Mt Park City, UT in Scottsdale and Sedona, AZ, and Dripping Springs, TX. I Love Vacations is an open platform for guests and managers to interact. Here you’ll find some pretty unique stuff including real live destination experts who you can call (or live chat with) and ask for help, use different currencies to pay for a vacation or activity, or see the website in many languages. This is a place where you can get info on the best activities in the area you are considering for your next vacation as well as check out professionally managed properties by managers who have gold standards of service. We love vacations and bet you do too!

Key Insights

  • 27,523 Contactless check-ins
  • 1,143,218 Number of times Auto Lock Smart Rule ran
  • Plug and Play IoT rollout

The Challenge

Codes of Confidence: Elevating Vacation Rental

Before embracing Lynx as our automation partner, I Love Vacations faced significant challenges in managing our expanding portfolio of vacation properties. Back in 2017, with 250 properties under our care, our existing technology provider struggled to keep pace with our growth, leaving us with inefficiencies and limitations. The outdated system failed to provide the robust security features we needed for our guests and property owners, especially in diverse locations spanning Whitefish, MT, Park City, UT, Scottsdale, Sedona, AZ, and Dripping Springs, TX.

Security and control were paramount concerns. Traditional key systems and outdated technology made it challenging to ensure the safety of each property. Additionally, as we aimed to enhance the guest experience with streamlined processes and modern amenities, the limitations of our previous automation solution became increasingly evident. We needed a comprehensive solution that not only addressed our current challenges but could also seamlessly scale with our growing business. This quest for an advanced and adaptable automation partner led us to Lynx in 2017, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

The Solution

Revolutionizing Vacation Property Management: A Game-Changing Solution

Embracing Lynx Software in 2017 marked a turning point for I Love Vacations, offering us a transformative solution that seamlessly addressed the challenges we faced in managing our expanding portfolio of 700 vacation properties across diverse locations in the western United States. Lynx not only met but exceeded our expectations, providing a comprehensive suite of features that streamlined operations, enhanced security, and empowered us to take our business to new heights.


Unique Access Codes – An extra layer of security 

One of the standout solutions Lynx introduced was the innovative “4-digit” unique access codes that were the last four digits of the guest’s phone number.. This feature became a cornerstone in our owner acquisition strategy, allowing us to highlight the heightened security it provided to both homeowners and guests. The ability to generate unique codes for each guest ensured a personalized and secure experience, with access restricted strictly between check-in and check-out times. This not only addressed our security concerns but also resonated positively with our guests, who appreciated the added control and peace of mind during their stay.

Lynx provided a unique code for every stakeholder in the vacation rental process – owners, housekeepers, inspectors, and general managers, ensuring transparent tracking of who entered each property at any given time. This not only bolstered security but also streamlined our operations, allowing for efficient management and accountability.


Smart Security, Peace of Mind: Lynx’s Auto Smart Lock Reinventing Property Protection

Another valuable addition was the Auto Smart Lock feature, a testament to Lynx’s commitment to staying ahead of evolving needs. Setting automatic lock times provided an extra layer of security and peace of mind, ensuring every property was securely locked by 6:00 PM when vacant, even if vacant, offering reassurance and minimizing potential risks.


Transforming Guest Experience: Seamless Check-In/Out Redefining Vacation Rental Convenience

The contactless check-in/out feature was a game-changer, aligning perfectly with the evolving expectations of modern travelers. In an industry where convenience is key, Lynx allowed us to check the box on a crucial amenity, offering guests a seamless and secure entry into their vacation homes without the hassle of key pickups or outdated key boxes.

The Results

12,868+ self-check-ins completed seamlessly

Since switching to Lynx, I Love Vacations has been able to welcome guests without worrying about internet connectivity. Time-sensitive codes and digital keys ensure guests can access their rooms securely and only for the duration of their stay. Guests can automatically request early check-in and late check-out through Lynx. Guests love the contactless experience, and the I Love Vacations team loves the reduced burden on front desk staff.


Unique access codes

Lynx’s commitment to personalized security has redefined our approach to vacation rentals. By generating unique codes for each guest, we’ve not only addressed security concerns but also delivered a bespoke experience, instilling a sense of control and tranquility during their stay. This personalized coding system extends beyond guests, encompassing owners, housekeepers, inspectors, and general managers, fostering transparent tracking of property entries. This dual-layered security and operational efficiency have become integral to our success, setting a new standard in guest experience and property management.


1,143,218 Number of Autolock Smartlock Rule ran
I Love Vacations has implemented several operational Smart Rule for each property through Lynx along with auto lock smart rule. The Auto Smart Lock feature provides us with an added sense of security, as we’ve set it to automatically lock every vacant home at 6:00 PM. This ensures that regardless of what transpired during the day or if someone forgot to secure the door, it automatically locks at 6:00 PM. This nightly routine brings us peace of mind, knowing that each home is consistently safe and secure as we retire for the night.

Knowing when the guest has checked out, housekeeping and inspections have been started and completed, and the room is ready for the next guest is essential for achieving operational efficiency. Receiving these real-time alerts gives the operations team more visibility in the field.

In essence, Lynx Software emerged as more than just an automation partner for I Love Vacations. It became the key catalyst for our business expansion, providing solutions that not only addressed our immediate challenges but also anticipated and met the evolving needs of the dynamic vacation rental landscape. Their commitment to innovation, security, and seamless integration has empowered us to scale our operations, take control of our properties, and deliver an unparalleled experience to both owners and guests. Our partnership with Lynx is, without a doubt, a definitive win for I Love Vacations.

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