Streamline Integrated
Contactless Check-in
with Digital Mobile Key

Keyless Contactless self check-in / out, Upsell, Pre-Programmed
Hardware, Installation, and Management Dashboard
for 300+ Smart devices

Lynx offers Pre-programmed Hardware, Installation, Guest Portal with your brand, Upsell Services, and All-In-one Automation Software for Smart devices like Locks, Intercom, Noise, Thermostat. Lynx offers fully automated self-check-in to easily monetize early check-ins and late check-outs as well as gap day automation increases revenue up to 11%.

Real-time notifications from guests and staff for Workflow Automation reduce operating costs up to 30%. 

Smart guest messaging and upsell via email, text, and guest portal.

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  • Boost revenue up to 11%.
  • Save 30% in Operations.
  • Save 15% on Utilities.
  • Upsells and Digital Concierge.
  • Increase Direct Bookings.
Highlights of Lynx<>Streamline Integration

Streamline and Lynx work seamlessly together with a 2-way integration.

  • Authorize Integration – Streamline integrates and gets authorized with Lynx in a few simple steps and exchanges information in real-time.
  • Info Sync – Lynx receives guest and stay information from Streamline like name, email, phone number, date, time, and confirmation number.
  • Digital Keys and Access Codes – Lynx sends Streamline guest access codes. Lynx can manage guests’ access to room doors, shared dorm rooms, access to amenities like a gym, pool as well as common doors like lobby and garage. All the access codes and digital keys generated by Lynx are unique for each guest and valid only for the duration of the stay. Customization to add “Access Buffer” to extend access for common doors. When working with smart locks with keypads Lynx generates a 4-digit access code which is the last 4-digits of the guest’s phone number. Lynx can generate a digital mobile key for all smart locks. Guests can receive the access information via ZStreamline email message.
  • Guest Portal with Room Controls – Guest portal shows stay information, guide book, map, weather and offers upsells to guests. Guest portal (no app download) can be completely customized for multiple brands in your portfolio. Guest can access digital keys and all smart room controls.
  • Guest Portal with Digital Concierge – With Lynx Guest Portal you can offer your guests, digital concierge, upsell, early check-in, late check-out, sell tickets, rentals, and packages. Set rules and triggers to offer in-house upsells, third-party services, or destination packages. Smart Check-out option for guests.
  • Notifications & Reporting –  Email/Text notifications are available. Lynx will maintain an audit trail as well as offers proof of stay to dispute false refund requests. Reporting dashboard included.
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About Streamline

With more than a decade of innovation and proven excellence, Streamline’s cutting-edge solution enables companies to streamline operations and maximize their profits. Streamline has quickly become an industry leader, raising the bar in the realm of property management technology. More than just software, Streamline is a long-term business solution formulated by property managers to solve their evolving needs.

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Success Stories of Lynx + Streamline Users

“We love Lynx and the ability to integrate with a variety of devices. The technology features and capabilities are fabulous. Being able to onboard a new home without replacing current smart devices has been invaluable. The reporting and features on the dashboard are constantly expanding and we love being able to implement these options in to our processes.”

Jennifer, President & Founder

“We have Lynx in every market we operate. Lynx allows the corporate team complete visibility into the field operations in real time. Our guests don't have to download an app, they love the convenience and our owners love the extra security.”

Brian, COO

“What makes Lynx different is its deep 2-way integration with Streamline. Lynx allows us to automate operation workflows, and upsell concierge, and is helping us digitize the guest journey. Most of all, Support and Account Managers are very responsive, which in our industry is worth more than GOLD!”

Leslie, CEO

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