Boost Revenue

Revolutionizing guest service monetization through
seamless automation – because every guest
deserves exceptional experiences, effortlessly.

Pre-arrival Upsells

  • No more cold calling, No more paper trails, automate your guest service monetization.
  • Auto approvals and denial for guest requests based on your rules.
  • Set triggers to send offers to guests based on season, property status, and more.
  • Send offers via Email, Text & Guest Portal.
  • Auto-charge directly using your linked account.
  • Save cost on front desk and operations.
  • Digitize Guest Concierge
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All in one Report Dashboard

  • Set up as many services, offers, rentals, packages as you desire.
  • Guest receive offers based on the triggers you choose. As the conditions are met guests will receive email/ text with offers. Offers are also visible on the guest portal.
  • Guests can request services or goods via the guest portal.
  • The request gets auto-approved according to a set of smart rules you customized for your business.
  • You can also receive notifications and can approve or deny the request.
  • Lynx will change the time-stamp on the digital key and access code for early check-in and late check-out requests. The thermostat is adjusted to meet “welcome temperature” settings.
  • Lynx will notify external vendors of a purchase they must fulfill.
  • All information of auto-approved, approved, pending, and denied requests is available on the dashboard.
  • You can filter, download, print, or share the reports.

Hardware Agnostic Automation Platform

  • Automate all smart devices at your property.
  • Lynx is highly customizable. Orchestrate your devices to work with each other based on your smart rules and triggers.
  • Stop working with multiple systems: Combine Self Check-in technology with guest upsell and messaging platform. Add asset protection against leak, humidity, noise/ parties, and temperature management too!
  • Set smart rules once and enhance both, guest experience and operational efficiency.