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South Wind Motel revives the mid-century motel experience backed by modern technology

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Lynx is a reliable partner that has allowed us to run a business that keeps our costs low, drives direct bookings, and automates our operations.”

Michael K, Owner of South Wind Motel

The South Wind Motel, located in the historic German Village just south of downtown Columbus, Ohio, gives travelers a revived and reimagined mid-century motel experience. The motel, originally built in 1959, brings all of its original charms but, after significant renovations, has been elevated to include unique contemporary touches like custom walnut furniture, sustainable and ethical skincare products, Chemex coffee makers with local coffee, and solar panels powering 100% of its electricity.

Key Insights

  • 600+ Contactless check-ins by Lynx
  • 400+ real-time workflow notifications in a year
  • 99% direct booking rate
  • Increased RevPar by 292% over the first 3 months

The Challenge

Modernizing a property from the past

Michael K, Owner of the South Wind Motel, is an active member of the Columbus community, having participated in multiple development projects in the area. He saw a gap in the market and wanted to bring something new to the community. Michael says that “as a consumer, there’s something about the excitement of going out of town and finding something that’s independent and unique, and we wanted to bring that to Columbus.”

Not much about the property had changed between 1959 and when Michael purchased the South Wind Motel, and he knew that “there was very little that we could reuse – both physically and technology-wise.” He did some initial research, and Lynx & Cloudbeds stood out as leaders in the industry. After an introductory call, he immediately knew that “Lynx & Cloudbeds checked all of the boxes for what we needed, and they seemed like reliable and safe partners due to their wide use across the industry.”

The Solution

Self-service automation technology reduces costs and streamlines operations

Michael and his team were onboarded with Lynx & Cloudbeds throughout the renovation process so they’d be up and running as soon as rooms were ready. Michael decided that self-service automation technology would be crucial in modernizing their business and reducing operational costs. Along with the Cloudbeds hospitality platform, South Wind Motel offers self-check-in and keyless entry powered by Lynx.

With Lynx & Cloudbeds 2-way integration, guests receive a text message with an access code that they can use on arrival to the property to open their room. The guest gets a personalized digital key from Lynx to open the door and does not need to download an app (Branded Guest Portal).

Michael says, “guests have really liked this option and several have said it’s been easier to use than Hilton’s mobile app.”

The Results

Direct bookings drive an increase in ADR and revenue

Since reopening with new management, renovations, and modern technology, South Wind Motel has achieved an unbelievable 99% direct booking rate! Direct bookings are critical for South Wind as they need to communicate directly with guests, which can often be challenging with intermediaries involved. With Cloudbeds’ Booking Engine, integration with Google Business, and features across local media outlets, Michael says, “we get almost all of our booking from direct channels.”

600+ self-check-ins completed seamlessly (in the last 1 year)

Since switching to Lynx, South Wind Motel has been able to welcome guests without worrying about internet connectivity. Time-sensitive codes and digital keys ensure guests can access their rooms securely and only for the duration of their stay. Guests can automatically request early check-in and late check-out through Lynx. Guests love the contactless experience, and the South Wind Motel team loves the reduced burden on front desk staff.

400+ real-time workflow notifications (in the last 1 year)

South Wind Motel has implemented several operational workflows for each property through Lynx. Knowing when the guest has checked out, housekeeping and inspections have been started and completed, and the room is ready for the next guest is essential for achieving operational efficiency. Receiving these real-time alerts gives the operations team more visibility in the field.

4.9-star rating on Google

Since opening, South Wind Motel has increased revenue by 4X and has already received amazing feedback from guests, leaving them with a 4.9-star rating on Google. Michael says that his experience with Lynx and Cloudbeds “has been solid, everyone has been great to work with, and it’s allowed us to run a business that keeps our costs low and drives direct bookings. The team has been really reliable and has helped us achieve our hybrid model backed by technology.”

South Wind’s average nightly rate has also exceeded projections which Michael says can be attributed to the quality of the property. He plans to further optimize their rate plans using Cloudbeds’ Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE) as they get more comfortable in the system.

With Cloudbeds Payments, they’ve been able to relax their initially strict cancellation and deposit policy, giving travelers more flexibility. It’s been easy to pull reports and bank reconciliations have been pretty seamless across the board.

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