Lynx API

One single API to control over 300+ smart devices. Send reservation and guest details and receive an access code in the same API call.


Sync, Simplify, Succeed: Streamline Your Stay Information with Help Lynx API

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Lynx offers APIs and webhooks for hoteliers and property managers to build a direct integration with Lynx. Lynx also has a suite of APIs and Webhooks for partners. Whether you are a PMS, ID verification, Housekeeping or Guest experience platform integrating with Lynx will add a unique ability to support over 300 smart devices and real-time notifications in your software.

With Lynx’s set of APIs, you can easily push stay and guest information to Lynx. Receive guest access codes and real-time alerts via webhooks. Lynx will completely manage device communication with a variety of smart devices and technologies providing a hardware-agnostic API set.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Lynx Automation:

  • Manage stays effortlessly: Add, Update, Cancel stays, and sync guest information in real-time with Lynx.
  • Hardware Agnostic: Lynx integrates with smart locks, elevators, intercom, access control systems, garage controllers, thermostats, noise sensors, occupancy monitoring sensors, leak sensors, and door and window sensors. Lynx also supports a large spectrum of technologies including WiFi, Zwave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Algorithm, Meta, and more. The APIs send and receive information irrespective of the smart device’s make, model, and technology making it an easy implementation.
  • Scalability: Lynx continues to add more device integrations and these are automatically supported via the APIs. Meaning more options and compatibility for your business without doing any incremental work.
  • Add properties with ease: Lynx Automation allows you to add properties directly through your Lynx account. This makes it easy to expand your portfolio of properties without any hassle.
  • Execute stay operations: For each stay, Lynx Automation allows you to execute a range of operations, and receive real-time alerts from operation and field tasks.

API Authentication

Lynx requires all API implementations to be certified and approved. To get started, work with our partner management team.

Contact to get your sandbox account.

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Why Lynx API's


Lynx allows you to use a single set of APIs and a dashboard to unlock commercial and residential grade doors, set temperature, receive property protection alerts, offer upsells to your guests, and also run your entire operation workflows with real-time alerts from the field.

No incremental work to add compatible devices, a scalable solution. Extremely reliable with 99.9999% uptime. Developer support is available during the implementation and certification process.